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How should political power be divided within and among national peoples?


Can the 19th century theory of the sovereign and unitary State speak to present social realities?
What constitutional and philosophical theories can make sense of our times?


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Fiscal Federalism in the European Union: Taking Stock and Looking Forward

5th July, Lauterpacht Centre, Cambridge

The European Union is often seen as a legislative giant on clay feet, and many would argue that one of the reasons for this feebleness is the lack of a proper fiscal capacity at the Union level. This debate needs to be placed against the background of the current state of fiscal federalism or distribution of fiscal powers between the Member States and the Union. This workshop hopes to provide a much-needed overview and critique of the current state of affairs in this area, as well as an analysis of the problematic of, and proposals for, future developments.

Workshop Conveners: Dr Alicia Hinarejos (Cambridge) & Prof Robert Schütze (Durham).

People interested in attending should please sign up with Mrs Felicity Eves-Rey (<>).


Scaling Global Governance – Durham Symposium

9th November 2016, 09:00 to 10th November 2016, 13:00, IAS Seminar, Palace Green

This interdisciplinary symposium invites scholars from Law, International Relations and Geography, to interrogate the role of ‘scale’ in international legal and governance scholarship. The symposium will explore the utility of a scalar approach, what the different scales represent, and whether there are lessons to be learnt about norm transfer and the legitimisation of governance across different scales. The symposium will consider whether the way we measure, label and conceptualise scales influences our approaches to law and global governance. Engaging with ‘scale’ beyond disciplinary silos will further scholarly understanding of the impact of scale in global governance.


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