Attended Events


Tom Sparks (2017),  ‘Whose Claim, to What Right? A Taxonomy of the Self-Determination Genus’, XXVIII IVR World Congress (Lisbon, 17-21 July 2017)

Tom Sparks (2017), ‘Beatles in Boxes and Rubies Called Blue: The Semiotics of the International Legal Concept of
“State”’, XXVIII IVR World Congress (Lisbon, 17-21 July 2017)

Ruth Houghton (2017), ‘Global Constitutionalism and the Circumstances of Democracy’ Contemporary Challenges in Constitutional Theory: International, European and Domestic Perspectives (University of Liverpool, 19th-20th June 2017)

Lucia Payero (conversation with J. Ramoneda) (2017) “The route to liberty” [in Spanish], Series of lectures “El estado del Estado. De la Transición democrática a la Transición nacional en Catalunya”, 23 March, Blanquerna Cultural Centre (Madrid).

Tom Sparks (2017), “An Imponderable Future? Post-Brexit Scotland, IndyRef2, and the European Treaties” International Law Discussion Group (Edinburgh, 8/03/2017)

Barbara Guastaferro (2017), Il caso Taricco di fronte al giudice di Lussemburgo (The Taricco case before the ECJ), presented to the LUISS School of Law Seminar “Il lungo dialogo tra Roma e Lussemburgo nel caso Taricco” (20 febbraio 2017)



Barbara Guastaferro (2016) Composizione e funzioni del nuovo Senato (Composition and Function of the new Senate in light of the 2014 Italian Constitutional Reform), paper presented at the Guest Seminars “Analysing the Constitutional Reform”, organized by the University of Study of Naples “Federico II” (November 2016)

Robert Schütze (2016) Guest Lecture on “Federal Future of the EU”. Fribourg University (Switzerland, 11/16)

Konrad Lachmayer (2016), Lecture: “Comparative Introduction“, Conference “An Administrative Procedure Act for the EU?”, Lund University, Lund (Sweden, 24/11/2016)

Konrad Lachmayer (2016), Lecture: “Constitutional Law and Geography“, Conference „Constitutional Law in Context“, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest (Hungary, 22/9/2016)

Robert Schütze (2016) Paper on “Constitutional Law and History”. Hungarian Academy of Science (Hungary, 09/16)

Konrad Lachmayer (2016), Lecture: “Comparative Law in Changing Structures of Multi-Level Federalism”, Panel “Federalism Along and Beyond Borders. A Neo-Federalist Perspective”, 2016 ICON-S Conference “Borders, Otherness and Public Law” Humboldt University, Berlin (Germany, 17-19/06/16)

Barbara Guastaferro (2016) Reforming National legislatures in Italy and the United Kingdom Compared, paper selected to be presented at the International Society of Public Law – ICON-S (17-19 giugno 2016) within the panel on “Neo-Federalism”. (Germany, 17-19/06/16)

Lucia Payero (2016) “Federalism in multinational states: an alternative to secession?”, ICON-S 2016 Conference “Borders, Otherness and Public Law”, 17-19 June, Humboldt University (Berlin).

Konrad Lachmayer (2016), Lecture: “Comparing Constitutional Networks”, Annual Conference of the Irish Society of Comparative Law National University of Ireland, Galway (Ireland, 23/05/16)

Konrad Lachmayer (2016), Lecture: “A Pluralistic Approach to Contextualism in Comparative Law”, Workshop: “Objectives and Methods of a Contextual Analysis in Comparative Law”, Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest (Hungary, 19/05/16)

Barbara Guastaferro (2016) “Visible” and “Invisible” Second Chambers in Unitary States. Devolving Legislative Competences and “Territorializing” National Legislatures in Italy and the United Kingdom, paper presented at the international conference Bicameralism Under Pressure, organized by LUISS Guido Carli di Roma, in cooperation with l’International Society of Public Law (ICON-S) e l’American Society of Comparative Law (YCC) (May 2016)

Tom Sparks (2016) “Who Owns the State? Secession and Self-Determination after Kosovo”,  SLSA Annual Conference (Lancaster, 7/05/2016)

Robert Schütze (2016) Guest Seminar on “US American Federalism”. Copenhagen University (05/16)

Lucia Payero (with E. Nimni) (2016) “From minority recognition to minority representation in plurinational states, overcoming the liberal democratic deficit”, International Symposium “Ethno-cultural diversity and human rights – Taking stock and looking ahead”, 3 May, University of Liverpool.

Lucia Payero (2016) “Nationalist discourses and the European refugee crisis”, 26th ASEN Annual Conference “Nationalism, Migration and Population Change”, 19-21 April, London School of Economics.

Robert Schütze (2016) Conference Paper on “Comparative Federalism” . College of Europe (Belgium, 04/16),

Konrad Lachmayer (2016), Lecture: “Creating Transnational Accountability by Local Empowerment of Citizens”, IACL Constitutional Responses to Terrorism Conference: “Accountability for Transnational Counter-terrorism Operations“, King’s College London, London (UK, 10/03/16)


Lucia Payero (2015) “Federalism and Spain”, Workshop “The United Kingdom: ‘Federalism’ within and without”, 26-27 November, Durham Law School.

Konrad Lachmayer (2015), Lecture: “The Austrian Länder in a ‘glocal’ network”, University of Rouen, (France, 05/11/15)

Robert Schütze (2015),  Conference Paper: “Allocation of Powers in Federations” at “Thinking Federalism Beyond the United States” Conference (Yale, 29-30/10 2015).

Lucia Payero (2015) “A philosophical basis for the right of national self-determination”, UPF Graduate Conference in Legal Theory & Moral and Political Philosophy, 23 September, University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona).

Lucia Payero (2015) “Secession from an EU Member State: A Brief Analysis”, 22nd International Conference of Europeanists Contradictions: Envisioning European Futures, 8-10 July, Sciences Po (Paris).

Konrad Lachmayer (2015), Panel Discussion: “The Relevance of Constitutional Law”, The International Society of Public Law (ICON·S) Conference, New York University School of Law, New York (USA, 02/07/15)

Robert Schütze (2015) Conference Paper on “EU International Agreements” at the Graduate Institute Geneva (Switzerland, 07/15)

Lucia Payero (2015) “Who is the demos in Spain? Two possible answers and their consequences for Catalan demands of self-determination”, Staff Seminar Series, 24 June, Durham Law School.

Barbara Guastaferro (2015), Guest Seminar: Respect for National Identities in the European Union, STAALS Legal Seminars, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa (Pisa, June 2015)

Konrad Lachmayer (2015), Lecture: “The Relevance of Constitutional Law”, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Legal Studies, Budapest (Hungary, 07/05/15)

Barbara Guastaferro (2015), Rappresentanza regionale e controllo di sussidiarieta’ (Regional Representation and Subsidiarity Scrutiny), paper presented at the conference “Parlamenti nazionali e Unione europea nella governance multilivello”, organized by the Italian House of Deputies and by the University of Rome “La Sapienza” (Rome, House of Deputies, May 2015)

Lucia Payero (2015), “A nation-state or a multination state? National conceptions, minorities and self-determination in Spain”, British Council Researcher Links Workshop “New Modalities for Democratic Autonomy for Minorities that Do not Entail Dismembering States: The Case of the Republic of Turkey”, 15-18 May, Ankara.

Robert Schütze (2015), Guest Seminar: Oxford Institute of European and Comparative Law Seminar on EU Foreign Affairs (06/05/2015).

Lucia Payero (2015), “The right of national self-determination: a human right?” [in Spanish], XXV Jornadas de Filosofía Jurídica y Política “Nuevo Derecho, nuevos derechos”, 16-17 April, UNED (Madrid).

Lucia Payero (2015), “The «Citizen Participation Process» in Catalonia: Past, Present and Future”, Conference: The State of the Union; the Scottish Referendum and the Future of the UK, 9 April, Liverpool John Moores University.

Barbara Guastaferro (2015), Guest Seminar: Sincere Cooperation and National Identities. The Unitary and Pluralist Twist of the European Integration Process, London School of Economics and Political Science (March 2015)

Lucia Payero (2015), “A Federal Theory for Spain in the 21st Century” [in Spanish], 2nd International Colloquium of Legal Scholars, 6 March, University of Vigo (Ourense).

Robert Schütze (2015): Guest Lecture:  “EU Federalism: the EU as an (Inter)National Phenomenon”, Université de Fribourg (Switzerland, 18/02/15)



Lucia Payero (2014), “The clash between two national conceptions: a unitary Spain vs. a plural Spain” [in Spanish], Jornadas “Derecho y Sociedad. Sociología jurídica, Filosofía del Derecho y derechos humanos, 20-21 November, University of Zaragoza.

Robert Schütze (2014), Guest Lecture: “Constitutional Federalism and the EU: A Question of Standards” at the Amsterdam Research Institute for Legal Studies (11/11/14). This  lecture in the Dialogue Series within the project “The Architecture of Postnational Rulemaking” in the fall of 2014.

Konrad Lachmayer (2014), Lecture: “Transnationalising Constitutional Review – The Austrian Example”, Research Seminar, University of Aberdeen, School of Law, Aberdeen (UK, 24/10/14)

Konrad Lachmayer (2014), Lecture: “The European Human Rights System beyond Europe”, ICL Conference, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna (Austria, 12/09/14)

Lucia Payero (2014), “Against the international paradigm of self-determination: a proposal”, Conference “21st century borders – territorial conflict and dispute resolution”, 13 June, Centre for International Law and Human Rights at Lancaster University.

Robert Schütze (2014), : Guest Lecture: Grakov “Verfassung Jenseits des Staates” – Humboldt University (Berlin, 04/06/14): “Amerikanischer Föderalismus als (Inter)nationale Ordnung”.

Lucia Payero (2014), “Constitutional essentialism: the use of the Spanish Constitution to defend national unity” [in Spanish], International Conference “Global-regional-local. Institutions, relations, networks. Past and future of the Sociology of Law”, 21-23 May, International Institute of Legal Sociology (Oñati).

Lucia Payero (2014), “Can federalism be a remedy against secession? The case of Catalonia”, 64th PSA Annual International Conference, 14-16 April, Manchester.

Lucia Payero (2014), “Catalan self-determination: a legal analysis”, Socio-legal Studies Association 2014 Conference, 9-11 April, Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen).

Robert Schütze (2014) Guest Lecture on Democracy and Foreign Affairs. Naples University (Italy, 04/14)

Robert Schütze (2014), Guest Commentator, LUISS-Rome (Italy, 29.03/14), The Preliminary Reference to the Court of Justice of the European Union By Constitutional Courts, “Overall Conclusions”.

Eszter Harsanyi-Belteki (2014), ‘Creating a national market in the United States of America through the dormant commerce clause?’ The Constitutional Implications of Free Movement, University of Oslo, Norway

Eszter Harsanyi-Belteki (2014), ‘The commerce clause of the Constitution of the United States: the purpose of the regulation of interstate commerce’ ICCL Postgraduate Workshop, “The Purpose of Commercial Law”, Durham Law School, Durham, United Kingdom

Eszter Harsanyi-Belteki (2014), ‘The guarantee clause of the Constitution of the United States: The development and importance of the sleeping giant’ IXth World Congress of Constitutional Law, “Constitutional Challenges: Global and Local”, Oslo, Norway

Eszter Harsanyi-Belteki (2014), ‘”Peoples of the several states must sink or swim together” in the national economy of the United States: To what extent?’ Senior Common Room Symposium, College of St Hild and St Bede, Durham, United Kingdom

Tom Sparks, (2014) “He who trusts to hope builds upon thin ice”: sovereignty and the uncertain foundations of international order, Global Policy Institute seminar series, Durham University,

Tom Sparks, (2014) An (Un)Necessary Connection to Statehood? Reappraising Sovereignty in its Historical Context, Durham Law School Annual Postgraduate Conference, St. Mary’s College, Durham University.


Robert Schütze (2013) Seminar Paper on “Treaty Powers in Comparative Perspective” Harvard University

Eszter Harsanyi-Belteki (2013), ‘The guarantee clause of the Constitution of the United States: The development and importance of the “sleeping giant” today’, ‘Human Rights: In Conflict’, Annual Law Postgraduate Conference, Durham Law School, Durham, United Kingdom

Eszter Belteki (2013), ‘The guarantee clause of the Constitution of the United States’ Senior Common Room Symposium, College of St Hild and St Bede, Durham, United Kingdom

Lucia Payero (2013), “Catalonia and the right of self-determination”, 1st International Colloquium of Legal Scholars, 29 November, University of León.

Lucia Payero (2013), “Catalan paths to self-determination: an assessment of some legal and non-legal avenues to implement such a right”, Workshop “Centrifugalism in Europe – Time for a new research agenda”, 25 October, Queen’s University (Belfast).

Lucia Payero (2013), “Independence within the European Union? The cases of Scotland and Catalonia”, 43rd UACES Annual Conference, 1-4 September, University of Leeds.

Lucia Payero (2013), “What is a nation?, by Ernest Renan” [in Spanish], 1st Reading Workshop of the Law School, 7 March, University of Oviedo.

Robert Schütze (2013), Guest Commentator, ERC EUNaCon Closing Conference, Maastricht University (Maastricht, 21-22 February 2013), “EU Federalism”.