Subproject 5 – Supranational Federalism

Supranational Federalism – The European Union (and …)

untitledHow will the European Union fit into federal categories? Here, de Tocqueville’s quest for a new word for an organism that lay between international and national law was answered by a neologism: supranationalism. Europe is still celebrated as sui generis. But the sui generis ‘theory’ has always been but a veneer. For in times of constitutional conflict, Europe’s old sovereignty tradition returns and imposes its two polarized ideal-types: Europe is either an international organization or a Federal State. And since it is not the latter, it must be the former. Yet more recently, European constitutionalism has come to accept the idea of divided or shared sovereignty – even if in the indirect form of the theory of “constitutional pluralism”. This subproject looks at the conceptual potential of analysing the European Union in federal terms, and thereby builds on previous work of mine. Yet it also involves important new aspects, such as the emergence of “fiscal federalism” in the Union after the sovereign debt crisis.


(researched by Prof. Robert Schütze, Dr Maria Anna Corvaglia, Dr Barbara Guastaferro, Dr Katarzyna Granat, Dr. Stella Ghervas )

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