Lucía Payero López


working in Subproject 6 – Regional Federalism


Dr Lucía Payero-López is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Oviedo. She joined the Neo-Federalism project in January 2015, while she was a visiting researcher at Durham Law School. In her PhD thesis (2014, University of Oviedo), she made a legal and political analysis of the right of national self-determination and the 1978 Constitution of Spain.



Dr Payero’s research interests lie in the fields of Legal Philosophy, Political Theory and Constitutional Theory. She has published many articles and book chapters on issues relating to self-determination of peoples, devolution in Spain and the United Kingdom, federal theory, nationalism, constitutionalism, transitional justice, citizenship and migration.


Neo-Federalism project

As a member of the Neo-Federalism project, working on Subproject 6 – Regional Federalism, ‘Dr. Payero’s research concentrates on Spanish regionalism, Catalan and Scottish self-determination, secession, and federal theory. She is particularly interested in the accommodation of national minorities within democratic states, such as Spain and the UK. Tensions between centrifugal and centripetal tendencies within plurinational states may lead to their disintegration. That is why the development of strategies to deal with territorial claims becomes so urgent. Options range from the recognition of a right to national self-determination, including the possibility to secede, the negotiation of a new territorial arrangement, which may adopt a federal nature, wider devolution, or a recentralisation of the state. For the analysis of all these aspects, Dr Payero uses a multidisciplinary approach (Public Law, Political Theory, Socio-Legal Studies) and a comparative perspective (Spain, UK, Canada).



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Book chapters

Payero-López, Lucía: ‘A Federal Theory for Spain in the 21st Century’ (in Spanish). In M.V. Álvarez & J.L. Castro (eds.) Derecho, Política y Sociedad. Contribuciones de Jóvenes Investigadores. Madrid: Bubok (forthcoming).

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Cañizares, María José: ‘Independence explained to an alien’ (in Spanish). Crónica Global 21 May 2016.


Conference papers

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Payero-López, Lucía & Nimni, Ephraim: ‘From Minority Recognition to Minority Representation in Plurinational States, Overcoming the Liberal Democratic Deficit. The Case of Spain.’ International Symposium ‘Ethno-cultural Diversity and Human Rights – Taking Stock and Looking Ahead’. University of Liverpool, 2016.

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