Federalism and Comparative Constitutional Law

Comparative Federalism and the European Union
EU Federalism

Neo-Federalism: Methodology

A Pluralistic Approach to Contextual Analysis in Comparative law
  Constitutional Law and Geography
  Comparing Constitutional Networks

International Federalism

Squaring TTIP Negotiations with the Idea of Federalism: the Case of Public Procurement
Sovereignty and the Uncertain Foundations of International Order (link downloads a large file)
Secession and Self-Determination after Kosovo
Beatles in Boxes and Rubies called Blue: The Semiotics of the International Legal Concept of “State”
Whose Claim, to What Right? A Taxonomy of the Self-Determination Genus

Reading Lists and Summaries

The UN Charter as a World Constitution

The UN Charter as a World Constitution – Introduction
The Security Council
The UN General Assembly
Withdrawal from the United Nations



Reading Material on Secession


Regional Federalism

Scotland and the UK Constitution
Scottish Independence
Regional Federalism
Devolution and Spain


The Development of the ‘Law of Nations’
Obligations under International Law
Relationship between International and National Law
Jus Cogens
Sovereignty and Statehood
Supra-State Order: The Civitas Maxima


The World Trade Organisation

Preferential Trade Agreements
WTO Constitutionalisation


 Global Constitutionalism

Global Constitutional Law – An Introduction